About Us

Baltimore Academy of Ballroom Dance was established in 2005 to provide the best quality ballroom dance instruction to kids and adults, ages 3 and up. We specialize in working with kids because we have Maryland certified dance teachers with over 10 years of experience working with kids of all age groups.

We offer group and private lessons in all ballroom style dances, Latin and Standard, like Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Tango and more! 

If you have a special occasion we have professional dancers who can perform and/or conduct lessons and workshops. These events can be an adult/kids' birthday, bar/batmizva, wedding, or a corporate event. Please contact us to get more information and pricing.

Our classes are held at Promenade DanceSport.
2605 Lord Baltimore Dr. Windsor Mills, MD 21244

To get information about our classes, please email or call at 410-292-4012 or baltballroom@gmail.com

kids dancing

Through dancing children gain elegance, endurance, respect, etiquette, and high self-esteem.

kids dancing

They learn to respect themselves as well as others.

Kids dancing swing

They learn to take their passion and make it a reality.

Pierre Dulaine teaching

"Dancing Classrooms"

"Dancing Classrooms" is a program started by Pierre Dulaine in New York city schools to teach inner city kids Ballroom dancing. Through dance, Mr. Dulaine was able to teach children the importance of etiquette, mathematics, history, music, and other subjects areas. The program was so successful that it was soon spread to other cities and states and integrated into public schools. Read more here.